Web Site Maintenance

Ever visited a web site that hadn't been updated since the 90ís? Did you trust the information you found on it? Did you ever go back? Of course not ...nor would anyone else!

Things Change. New products, news releases and price changes. New pictures, graphics and text are easy to add. We have a regular maintenance program: we'll remind you of scheduled updates. Simple changes can be made in a matter of minutes.

  • website re-design
  • web optimization
  • website critique
  • website metrics
  • link checking
  • download speed testing
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Web Design

20-page website

Flash text logo

Mini 50

500MB transfer
4.68/30 days

Business 100

1000MB transfer
7.11/30 days

eCommerce Boutique 250

2500MB transfer
10.03/30 days

eCommerce Shop 500

5000MB transfer
13.19/30 days

eCommerce Catalog 1000

10 GB transfer
25.34/30 days

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