Domains—We do it all for you

We'll register your domain name or transfer it for cost plus $10.00.

We recommend as a low cost and reliable registrar at 8.95 per year. Country-specific domains including .ca may have higher prices and various restrictions. You'll be the owner, the Administrative Contact and we'll agree to be the Technical Contact or you can do that too. We'll remind you when it's time to renew and we'll change your website DNS record if needed.

Once a domain is registered and it points to your website, the website address/routing details are broadcast to 11 computer servers around the world. They're usually updated at midnight local time so your domain may point to different web hosts depending on your location. It usually takes less than 48 hours but it can drag on for 72 hours so it's best to keep both the old and the new site operating while the change takes place so that a customer in England sees the same thing as a North American. Weekends work well for us. Questions? Email the Web Support Guru

Web Design

20-page website

Flash text logo

Mini 50

500MB transfer
3.85/30 days

Business 100

1000MB transfer
5.85/30 days

eCommerce Boutique 250

2500MB transfer
8.25/30 days

eCommerce Shop 500

5000MB transfer
10.85/30 days

eCommerce Catalog 1000

10 GB transfer
20.85/30 days

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